Success Stories


Olivia1Living an active lifestyle has always been important to me. During high school, I was captain of the swim team and was also on a competitive-level cheerleading team. I was less than 100 pounds my senior year and was eating everything in sight. Within the first two years of college I gained 25 pounds. I looked healthy and was happy with my body, but I knew that I needed to make healthier choices. I started looking at healthier food options and different workout routines, but I was not seeing the progress that I wanted. About a year ago, I finally met with Chris for workout routines and nutritional guidance.

​Through Chris’s expertise in nutrition and fitness I have been able to reshapeOlivia2 my body and lifestyle. My initial weight was 132 pounds, 21% body fat, and my main goal was to have the “perfect body” .. little did I know I would be gaining a lot more than just my ideal beach bod. After a lot of thought, I decided to do a fitness competition. At first, this was extremely uncomfortable for me because I have stage freight, but I figured it was the perfect way to conquer that fear. With a lot of help from Chris, my family, and friends I was finally able to step onto the competition stage. I was 127 pounds, 14.8% body fat, and placed 2nd in the fitness model tall class. This experience was truly amazing because I was able to conquer my fears proving to myself that I can endure challenging situations and formed amazing friendships with the ChrisFit team.

​I have learned that becoming a healthy individual is not just a quick fix it is a lifestyle filled with determination, discipline, and commitment. Those qualities are now practiced in all aspects of my life, every single day. I have also gained self-confidence; I am becoming much stronger mentally and physically. These qualities have pushed me to make a lot of positive changes in my life and that makes every minute, dollar, and drip of sweat worth it!



My ChrisFit journey began after I had seriously decided to accomplish one of my life's goals; to become a figure competitor. I had always been active, Michelleplaying sports all my life as well as being in the military. Working out and exercising was always an integral part of my life and I knew that one day I wanted to make something more of it.
I had joined a new "chain gym" that had just opened up near my house and decided that that since I no longer played any organized sports, I would divulge myself into learning the ins and outs of fitness, nutrition, and competing. I thought I was getting the basics down and I was doing rather well, but needed to find something more to jumpstart my physique transformation. This is where Chris Tybor comes into play. I had grown up with Chris and had heard that he had opened his own personal training facility, and that everyone was extremely happy with the equipment, classes, and most of the all, the trainers. It wasn't until I caught up with Chris on Facebook that I made the decision to go ahead, take the leap, and make the commitment to reach my goal.
I joined ChrisFit Personal Training on April 18th, 2012 and began my weekly training sessions with Tybor, and I have been with him ever since. Chris gave me the tools and knowledge to truly understand exercise and nutrition the "proper" way. When I began with him I was by no means out of shape or overweight at 5'3" and 128 lbs, but he found a way to transform my body to what a true figure competitor should strive to look like. By following my trainer, keeping a food log, measuring my portions, eating the right foods, and becoming totally dedicated, and hooked, on bodybuilding I was able to compete in my first Natural Muscle competition almost a year to the day I started at Chrisfit, and I took two  first place finishes and a second place!
Competing is now in my blood, and I hoper to continue to improve while inspiring others as well. Lastly, I cannot thank Chris Tybor enough for his amazing support and dedication. He makes the workouts new and interesting, and he pushes you past your breaking point to show you how much you really can do. His passion to help and guide people, and his professional knowledge are second to none, and for that I am grateful.



I started training with Chris at ChrisFit back in June in order to get into shape for my upcoming wedding. When I first emailed chris inquiring about sessions, he got back to me very quickly and was very informative. As soon as our conversations started, he was interested in gathering information about what I normally ate and how much I worked out. I felt like he started to train me before we had even had an official session together. He approaches his training in a holistic way. He does not just focus on the exercise, he focuses on health, diet, weights, cardio, etc.

I came to Chris because I wanted someone to drive me to be my best. Shortly after training, I couldn't believe how much I was capable of. Training with Chris helped me realize how much I can push myself and succeed in the challenges I faced during every session. I not only felt stronger the more I trained, but I wasn't self conscious anymore to go to the gym on my own and lift. He provided me with a detailed workout I did on the days I didn't train and also instructed intervals several times a week. He would check in with me on almost a daily basis asking how I'm doing with my eating, how I felt (soreness wise) and guided me when occasionally went off track. He made the extra effort to be involved almost every day, not just on the days we trained, which was something I had never experienced before. Before I started training, I had pre-existing knee problems including trouble with my IT Band and patella. I couldn't go up and down stairs without having pain. After training with Chris for for about a month or so, the pain started to dissipate and today I only have pain on a rare occasion. I told Chris about my knee issues and he designed our workouts around it. My knee rarely ever hurt during our workouts and thanks to him I have built up enough strength and stability that it barely bothers me anymore.

In four months of training, I lost a total of 17 pounds and over 11 inches for my wedding and I was beyond satisfied. I haven't been the weight I am now in years. I would always lose a certain amount and would plateau, but thanks to Chris and ChrisFit I met my goal and surpassed my expectations. I know not only looked better but I felt great, which was most important. I am currently still training at ChrisFit and have set bigger goals for myself. And I am happy to have ChrisFit in my corner to help me accomplish it.



I was at the end of my rope. Defeated. Frustrated. Fat.

On the advice of a friend, I called ChrisFit and made an appointment with Chris Tybor. Little did I know, it would be the beginning of a great , supportive friendship and an incredible journey, a journey that would have me put my trust in someone else to help make all my dreams come true.

Then why was I so scared? I thought I had this under control. I thought I could do this on my own. After all, I tried every diet out there without success. Searching like so many people do for that miracle pill to take all this fat away that of course appeared seemingly overnight……?

I thought I was eating well. I did workout, but not the way I needed to, to get the results I so longed for. In my minds-eye, I thought I looked ok, until I saw a photo of me at Disney with my favorite character, Pluto. My plan of putting that one in a frame was crushed. No one would EVER see that photo. I was finally ready to hear what someone who was willing to help me had to say.


A few months before that phone call, I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Two years before that, I was told I had gluten, dairy and soy intolerances. Great. Life just kept throwing me surprises and I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle.

Everyone I talked to told me to kiss my weight loss goodbye. Was this it? Was there nothing I could do? I expected to get the same reaction at ChrisFit but what I got was quite the opposite. I wasn’t judged or dismissed and that made me feel right at home — immediately.

And did I mention the knee surgery I had in February of 2010 for a torn meniscus? It was time.

When I started at ChrisFit in April of 2011, I was only doing two days of training with no extra days of “homework” or cardio. That lasted only through the summer.

By the time September rolled around, it was time to get more serious and start tracking my food more accurately. I was given numbers to follow for fats, carbs and proteins and had to log every meal, every day of every week. Tedious, yes. Worth it? YES!

As I worked more with Chris, I looked forward to and dreaded my sessions. Now that may sound bad, but I used to get knots in my stomach on the way to training wondering what he’d have me do that day….flip a tire, push the prowler or worse … burpees!

As the weight started to come off and I got stronger, those feelings of anxiety subsided and are now gone. I never question what I have to do during my sessions because I know Chris wouldn’t have me do anything I wasn’t ready for or able to do. He keeps me guessing every session and there is usually something that makes me amaze myself every session.

By the end of 2011, I’d lost 30 lbs. It was the start of a new year and the year I would make my transformation. Who wouldn’t be excited, right? I was finally taking responsibility for me and making the lifestyle changes I needed to make. As a mom, I was finally starting to remember that I was important, too.

As I continued my sessions with Chris throughout 2012, I kept losing weight and inches but I gained strength, confidence and found my waistline again. Not to mention a new wardrobe. A wardrobe that wouldn’t include those stretchy black pants I’d worn, and were wearing out, for longer than I’d care to say. And would include denim. Yes, denim. To this point, I had not owned a pair of jeans since before my oldest daughter was born. She’s 18.

It’s not that I couldn’t go out and buy the pair I needed. I just refused to buy the size I would fit into. I wanted to lose the weight first. It seemed like a good plan. Now you know how long I was trying to do this on my own. It wasn’t always easy and some days/weeks I was my own worst enemy, but staying the course has proven to be the best path to follow.

As my physical ability increased, I was given “homework” days to follow a written program on my own. On those days, I’m just as exhausted and sore as the days I work with Chris. So I must be doing something right! Plus I have to do cardio after my sessions and homework days and find time to do two days of intervals.

If anyone is counting, that equals six days at the gym with one day off a week. I never thought I would be that person who would spend one to two hours in the gym six days a week. But I am, I do and I enjoy it. I love it when I’ve worked hard and accomplished things I thought only trained athletes could do … not me, 40-something mother of three … it’s the best feeling in the world.

I still log my food every meal, every day of every week. I still struggle some days. I’m human. I have demons that love to come back in the evening to visit and tempt me with cravings of chocolate or cookies. That’s when I use my strategies I’ve learned from Chris and others at ChrisFit. I drink tea, chew gum or busy myself with laundry or reading. Or if it’s later in the evening, I just simply go to sleep.

When I started at ChrisFit, I struggled with my body-image. I used to joke that my trainer was also my therapist. Talking is part of the process and working through your insecurities and issues can be ongoing and ever-evolving.

It’s getting better and easier for me to look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I think I will still see the old me, the fat me. Then I catch a glimpse of myself, I smile and remember that I’ve lost 63 lbs. I walk straighter. I walk stronger and with more confidence. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I have muscle definition! On the days I struggle during my sessions, I dig deep, find my reasons for being there and push on. I now believe in myself, something I had trouble doing before I started at ChrisFit.

Much love to my husband and family because they have been a huge part of my success. Their support never ends. They’ve been in my corner since day one. With that kind of love and support, you don’t know what you can do until you try. Thank you also goes to Chris and my ChrisFit family for reshaping my body and my future. Without your occasional “kick-in-the-pants,” I would have strayed off my path a long time ago. Your confidence in me surpasses my own some days.

As of Dec. 31, 2012, I am down 63 lbs. with a goal of losing 100 lbs.

So my journey continues.



If you were to ask me 10 years ago where I thought that I was going to be at 26, never in my life did I think I wouldSara be saying that I just participated in a bikini competition. When I was 16 years old, my 5’3” frame was tipping the scale at nearly 200 pounds. I spent most of my life being overweight and being extremely self-conscious about it. The moment I realized I really needed a change in my life was back in high school. I will never forget the day I was shopping in Express and I was trying on a pair of jeans that were a size 14, which is the biggest size that they make, and I could not zip them. I knew I had to do something. I started losing weight, and not necessarily in the healthiest of manners, but some of the weight did come off. I went up and down in weight ever since.

In 2010 I joined ChrisFit. Over the past few years I have a number of health issues. In 2011 I had a spinal tumor and a number of surgeries that inhibited me of being able to work out at all for quite a while and I had gained some weight. Then in the summer 2012 I’d been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and have been struggling with thyroid problems, my body again working against me and I had gained more weight. By Christmas 2012 I was back up to 147 pounds and I was unhappy.

I decided to set a goal and I was determined to compete in a bikini competition. Starting January 1, I went on a strict diet and we changed my workout plan. It was not easy by any means, but I have surpassed it all and with the help of Chris and my hard work and dedication, I have managed to get my weight down to 116 pounds for the day of the competition. April 20th I competed in the Great Lakes Natural Muscle Women’s Bikini Competition and I came in 1st in my division for 1st Time Bikini.

Now that it’s over I am working on building some muscle so I can do more shows in the future as well. I am a group fitness instructor for both Spinning and a sculpt class at the Lewiston location gym. I’m the healthiest, and the happiest, I have ever been in my life. I have so much energy, endurance and strength, and I now look forward to going to the gym every day and getting my butt kicked. I’m so grateful to Chris and the entire ChrisFit family. I can’t thank Chris enough. He put up with my mental break downs and got me through one of the biggest physical challenges I’ve ever faced. With his support we got me through my weight loss issues and he pushed me further than I ever thought possible. Thank God for Chris, without his help I don’t think that I would be anywhere near where I am today. I am beyond grateful.




LynnI had tried almost every diet out there. Sure most of them worked for a while, but I always fell back into my old eating habits and gained the weight back. I was never into physical fitness; golf was about the extent of it for me. About five years ago I tried to add some Wii yoga into my routine but like the diets, it didn't last either. Add that to the fact that I ate too much sugar and drank too much alcohol, and that it didn't make for a very good outcome.

Finally in April 2012 I decided I need a change. I needed to do something, something I hadn't done before. So I set out to find a gym where I would be comfortable, so I would actually go and not just pay the fees as I had done before. I also knew that I was going to need a gym that offered help and support so I wouldn't feel intimidated when I was there. All this led me to Chrisfit.

I met Chris Tybor on April 30, 2012. We talked about what I wanted out of a gym and my goals. That day I not only joined the gym but signed up for personal training as well. The next day I met with the man who would be my trainer, Chris Ellingson (better known as Buttercup or BC around the gym). At that point he showed me around the gym and then preceded to weigh and measure me- YUCK!!!! After that he showed me how to work the elliptical machine, told me to do ten minutes, and that we would start training on Thursday. I have to admit, after about three minutes several thoughts raced through my mind "This is too hard", "What have I done?", "I want to quit", and "I wonder if I can just get my money back." Despite those thoughts I wasn't going to let this quitting attitude win again. So I went back Thursday, and ever since then I have been training twice a week!!!! Through those training sessions Buttercup helped me to get both my weight and my body fat down. In the first three weeks I lost seven pounds!!! Within three months, I had lost 20 pounds and my body fat was down 5.7%. By Christmas I was down to 26.2% from 33% body fat. I had made my way down from a size eight, although it probably should've been a ten, to a size four. I was thrilled with the results.

In May 2013 I had some minor surgery and had to take some time off from training. During that time I also wasn't counting some of my macros right and therefore I gained a little weight back. Once I recovered enough that I could go back to the gym, I continued to work with Buttercup for a few more sessions until he made a career change and left the gym in June 2013. That meant I had to get a new trainer, something that I was nervous about because Buttercup and I had worked so well together. I began training with Chris Tybor. Chris is awesome!!!!!!!! Together we figured out what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do about it. Things began to head in the right direction so Chris adjusted my macros (a few times actually as my body has changed) and he has always been right (just don't tell him that) about those changes.

Now things are good, really good, I have lost over 27 pounds and at last check my body fat was at 17.7%. That is almost half of where it was when I started!!!! The best part is that since my body fat is low and my lean muscle has increased I can eat more!!! For the last four weeks Chris has increased my carb intake five grams per week and I am still losing weight. This is fun!!The trainers at Chrisfit are very good. They push you. They push you hard!!! But at the same time they recognize your limits and work with you accordingly. You begin to trust them very quickly as they teach you about nutrition, exercising, weightlifting, or whatever else you may have questions on. These trainers know their stuff and it's really nice that they not only tell you what to do and how to do it but they explain why you are/should be doing it. They are always eager to help and will answer texts anytime day or night, especially Chris- I can't tell you how many times I've texted him with a question and have gotten a quick response. It's not just the trainers at Chrisfit that make it such a great place though, its everyone there. We all work hard but we do it with a smile, some laughs, and words of support and encouragement for one another. Everyone at Chrisfit, the trainers, the staff, and the members have become part of one big family. As dysfunctional a family as we may be sometimes I know that I can count on any one of them and I hope they know they can do the same with me. Today I am a very happy, very healthy, and very fit 54 year old GRANDMA! My son says that I am a different person now. He says that before life was dragging me down and now I am full of life. I couldn't agree more. It has taken lots of hard work, and even more sore muscles, but boy is it worth it. Now I get to focus on continuing to get even stronger and staying as lean as I am today and I look forward to that adventure!!!!! Thank you Chris Tybor and Chrisfit for changing my life!!!


CaraFor most of my adult life going to the gym had always been part of my routine; attending group fitness classes or doing cardio, I would spend hours in the gym and generally maintained a steady weight. An event that I had coming up made me realize that if I was going to be happy with the way I looked, I needed to do something different. When I heard that Chris Tybor would be the new owner of the Lewiston gym I thought maybe personal training was the change I needed. I had always heard great things about Chris and had seen some of his clients who had made major transformations. I met with Chris and instantly knew that this was the push that would help me reach my goal. I also quickly realized that what was a short term goal to lose a few pounds was a lifestyle change that I did not expect. Chris educated me on not only how to properly workout but how to properly eat. My mentality had always been the less you eat the less weight you can gain, well I was completely wrong. It was amazing the changes I started to see when I was getting the right amount of nutrients in a day and not starving myself!

As my body started to make transformations I began to truly love going to the gym and getting my butt kicked and eating healthy. Lifting weights became challenging and fun. At one point the idea of considering a fitness competition came up; and for anyone who knows me they would think I would turn this idea down in a heartbeat. I have always been a self-conscious person, so the idea of getting on stage in a bikini instantly caused anxiety; but for some reason I didn’t say no right away. After a week of thinking about it and asking Chris a million questions, I decided that this would be a personal challenge that would be good for me. In about 14 weeks leading up to the show I went through a lot of changes; not only physically but mentally as well. I went through a very hard personal trial causing a lot of stress and anxiety that at times made training and eating properly difficult. I didn’t give up, but without the help and support of Chris I am not sure I would have been able to carry out my goal. On July 20th I competed for my first time in the IDFA Fitness Model competition. Although I did not place, I could not have been happier with my results or with the satisfaction I had just from facing my biggest fear. Now that I have gotten over my anxiety of competing, I intend to do more shows in the future. I never could have gotten on stage without the help, support, knowledge and guidance of Chris Tybor; I owe him for more than just a healthy body but also for a confidence in myself that I had never known. I will be forever grateful for the changes Chris has helped me make.



As an avid gym goer for most of my adult life, I was not able to see results on my own. I was working out and doing things that I thought were correct, but was not getting the results I wanted. My dedication and time put in was feeling like a waste. At this point, I was ready to seek help and learn some new ways to get into shape. This is where my journey with ChrisFit began. I reached out to Chris in April of 2013. I really needed to get some answers as to what I needed to do to obtain my goal, which was to lose body fat, build muscle, and eat properly. Chris and I met, and he was able to put together a nutrition plan for my body type as well as a work out a plan that seemed reasonable. It was a big change in the way I ate, but I was ready to give anything a try.


With in the first month, I was able to notice how quickly the weight was beginning to fall off. As I continued with his program, I was amazed at the results I was seeing so quickly. I was shedding my excess weight and could feel my body changing and my muscle mass beginning to increase. With Chris's knowledge on nutrition and proper exercise technique my body fat went from 20% down to 10% within three months. I'm now currently working towards gaining lean muscle mass.

I was amazed what proper nutrition and exercise would do for my body. I was close to losing hope, but with help of Chris I am now confident I can continue on this journey and I look forward to a new healthy life.



MelissaAfter struggling with my weight in high school and college, I decided to take charge of my health. I began working out and eating better. Over the years, I’ve bought and completed several at home work out programs and was an avid runner. Still, my weight would fluctuate 15 pounds and quickly. I would eat very little; lose weight, only to gain it back. It was a vicious cycle. When I was thinner, I would buy new clothes which would only fit for about a week. My closet had 3 sections, all divided by size.

Then, I met Chris Tybor. I had heard great things about Chris and I was ready for a new challenge. During our first session, we went over a few days worth of current food logs. Boy, did I have a lot to learn. I was eating twice as many carbs as I should have been and eating far too little protein. I was shocked. I was doing all that running and working out and was robbing my body of essential nutrients. I truly wanted to be healthy and I knew that Chris would help me to get there. He taught me the nutritional requirements of my body. I also showed Chris 3 pictures of me all taken during a 2 month period varying 15 pounds. He explained to me why fluctuating so much was not healthy and told me that someday I would have a very difficult time taking the weight off. In addition, he told me that someone like me with a small frame would really show weight fluctuations. What? Small frame? I’m 5’ 8”. Apparently; I’d been kidding myself for many years looking at the medium to large frame weight charts. It was time for a change and I was committed.

I started following the nutrition plan, logging my food and working my tail off in the gym. Within the first week, I had lost 6 pounds! I also began lifting weights for the first time in my life. Weight lifting, which I once thought was useless for women, is totally reshaping my body. The combination of proper nutrition, weight lifting and intervals had begun and the results have been amazing. I went from 22% body fat to 15.8% and lost 10 pounds in less than three months. I’ll never forget the day I went shopping for new clothes and had to keep going a size smaller, then another size smaller to find something to fit. I was shocked. I am now a size 0 for the first time in my life. The best part is; I feel wonderful. This is the healthiest I have ever eaten. I’ve learned that when you feed your body properly, you are not hungry. No more starving myself then binging on chocolate. Eating enough protein has greatly reduced my chocolate cravings.

Chris has been so supportive of me during this process. He makes himself available to me when I have questions and shows a genuine desire to see me succeed. At one point, when my motivation was slipping he came up with a “fitness challenge” for me which was exactly what I needed. He goes the extra mile sending “great job” texts after a particularly grueling work out or kettle bell class. He has tailor made several homework assignments to meet my personal fitness needs. I am so thankful for Chris and all of the wonderful Chris Fit folks I have met. I feel healthy, confident and strong, thanks to Chris Fit!



After having two kids, being insecure about my body, hated going clothes shopping, and seeing otherSheena people succeed with Chrisfit I knew it was time to join the gym. So I called Chris to get more information regarding training and the gym. Was I nervous? Yes, but after talking with Chris over the phone and looking numerous times online at other peoples transformations I knew was ready to make the commitment and the life change. Not only for me but for my family.

May 4th 2013 quickly approached and I now found l myself walking into gym and meeting with Chris for the first time, again nervous! Chris sat down with me took my measurements at which time I was embarrassed with the results. He then took the time to talk to me about how we were going to change these numbers. Intervals, weights, and eating habits with counting fat, carbs and protein. 5am daily workouts and weekly 1030 training sessions come early but with the help of friends, family and Chris pushing me and motivating me it helps me continue on with this weight loss journey.

I never thought I would look forward to going to the gym, but every day I look forward to the next day at the gym, and the next training session to see what Chris has in store. As of today I have lost 30 pounds and I couldn’t be happier with my results! I have to thank my husband for the continued love and support, my kids for keeping me going, and Chris Tybor for continuing to push me when I didn’t think I would be able to continue!



Marissa2Since I could remember, I have always lived an active life. I started dancing at the age of 3, played baseball, soccer, basketball, and ran track throughout high school. I even managed to accomplish a dream of mine which was to play Division I soccer. As I am approaching 29, I have realized a few things about myself. I realized that fitness has always been an integral part of my life and that I am very competitive. Whether I am playing a sport, teaching Physical Education, coaching, working as an Assistant manager at a local fitness center, or working out, the common denominator is fitness.

Almost four years ago, while helping manage a small fitness center in good ol' Lewiston, NY, I met ChrisMarissa1 Tybor, who was the head personal trainer. Everyday, the word around the gym was: “Wow, that kettlebell class was tough”, “God, my legs hurt", “I am in the best shape of my life”, “Chris really kicks my ass”. After hearing all of the “crazy talk”, I decided to try out one of his kettlebell classes. For someone who has always been active/in shape, it was unlike any of the training I had done before. It was a mix of weight training with these weird shaped weights that had handles on them (which seemed foreign to me) and cardio all at once with a group of individuals ready to be pushed to the limit. That is exactly what Chris Tybor is known for. Pushing individuals to their limits and beyond to achieve their personal goals. Waking up at 530 in the morning for workouts became something to look forward to. Well… not necessarily all of the burpees and KB swings... but the results. I was pushed to another level and I had started to feel like I was back in shape like my college soccer days.

With all of that being said, about a year ago I decided to train to be in an all-natural bodybuilding marissa3competition in Georgia, where I currently live. That was one of my new goals. Man, I did not realize the dedication and sacrifice that was in order. I had some training and support locally for my first show and it was a great success. I never thought I would be able to get in a two- piece bikini on stage and walk with confidence let alone placing fourth in Figure and Ms Fit Body. Naturally, the competitive side in me, decided that I wanted to try again to see if I could do better. I needed some nutritional guidance specific to my body. That’s where Chris comes in. He put together a plan of action for me, tweaked my diet and was regularly giving feedback and support. No, I did not want to hear—“Marissa you have to cut your carbs and add another interval day” but the end result was a leaner, more confident and in shape Marissa come day of the show. Ultimately that is what matters the most- hitting personal goals. I owe the one and only Chris Tybor a big thank you for the knowledge, guidance and support along the way. I have a desire to continue this journey I am on and cannot wait to see the progression of my body’s transformation.


Lew-Port Track Throwers

lew-portThe Lewiston Porter Track Discus and Shot Put team had the good fortune to experience a Kettlebell training session during a recent practice. The high school athletes are in their pre-season and are working to build core strength to help with their success for the upcoming season. I am their coach and have recently been a client of Chris Tybor both in personal training sessions and in his Kettlebell class.

The experience turned out better than expected. I was a little apprehensive about changing our workout plan for the practice session. It wasn't long into the workout that it became obvious the students were working hard, even to exhaustion, but at the same time rising to the challenge of each exercise.

The athletes were very perceptive and gave the work out a great effort. The exercises were physically challenging and difficult at times. Chris along with Cathy and Jamie kept the workout moving along and were excellent at helping each athlete with the techniques used to get the most out of each move.

It was the end of the session as the athletes were chatting about the workout with red faces and gulping water that I realized they got a lot more out of the session than just the physical benefits. They all were displaying a sense of pride in their effort and were charged by the fact that they had worked hard and the feeling of accomplishment gave us a great boost. It was definitely a turning point for our workouts and our athletes are on their way to a great season as they have continued to challenge themselves in our conditioning workouts.

I would recommend Chris's class to all ages - it's a little hard to put into words the feelings you have after a "kick butt" workout like Kettlebell - you are glad to be alive and realize what it means to work out to your potential. Thanks for the experience Chris! -Paula Singleton - Lewiston Porter Track Coach

Lew-Port Track Throwers

Mount St. Mary's Hospital & Our Lady of Peace

MSMH1ChrisFit has been a provider of Health and Wellness services to the employees of Mount St. Mary’s Hospital and Our Lady of Peace for the past three years. Our Health Ministry employs over 1400 associates at our Lewiston Campus and surrounding areas. The experienced and knowledgeable staff at Chrisfit provide a variety of services and opportunities for our associates to live a healthier life.

Both Chris O’Hara and Nick Johnson come to our campus every week and provide high energy exercise classes that any associate is welcome to participate in. Whether it is body sculpting, Pilates, Zumba, Cardio Choice or Boot Camp, a great time is had by all no matter what their fitness level.


Nick is currently bringing his tips, advice, and guidance every week to the campus by running our “Biggest Loser” competition. Weekly weigh- ins are followed by a short lecture with topics such as Natural Eating, Meal Preparation, Knowing your Body Type, and Caloric Intake needs. His consistent encouragement and support help many of our associates on their weight loss journey. Nick has even taken the participants right to the grocery store for a guided tour of healthy food options.


As the Director of Employee Health at Mount St. Mary’s, working with Chris Tybor is a pleasure and the many ideas and services that he offers are a great way for me to offer activities and programs that keep our associates on the road to health and wellness.

Adrienne office

Adrienne Kasbaum, BSN, RN Director of Employee Health Services

Mount St. Mary's Hospital 5300 Military Road Lewiston, NY 14092

Mount St. Mary’s Hospital & Our Lady of Peace


I started with Chrisfit in February, 2009. I was 203 lbs, the heaviest I've ever been. After going to the doctor with a list of medical problems from anxiety to shortness of breath to back pain, he advised me to join a gym and go see Chris Tybor.

Claudine Carlo

Chris was very helpful. I explained to him how I didn’t have a lot of time to exercise. I had 2 small children and worked full time. He gave me some exercises to do at home and advised me on my diet.

About a month later I started personal training with Steve Decker. I've always enjoyed exercise but needed the guidance and someone to challenge me to do more. Steve did just that. He saw I was capable more than what I was showing and challenged me beyond my limit. Once Steve taught me all the basics of weight training, I felt comfortable joining the kettlebell classes. Yes, I still had 2 small children and worked full time, but I knew I had to do this for them and myself. I made time for exercise, the house cleaning had to wait.

Four years later, I have steadily dropped a pant size each year (from 16 to 6) and kept off 55 lbs. My medical problems have subsided and I’ve never felt better. Chris and Steve, as well as the other trainers, have always been there. They will push you and encourage you every step of the way. Their workouts are always challenging and unique.

In September 2012, I completed my first 1/2 marathon. I now work out 6 days a week, biking, running, interval training, and kettlebell. I am addicted to Chrisfit. I've learned how to eat healthy, take care of my body, and push myself to do things I never thought I could do. The children are older now. I still work full time. However, exercise always comes first. It has become part of my daily routine and I will never give it up.



MarinaI find that the question I am asked most often is, “What made you decide to lose weight?" and immediately 100 things go through my mind.

Except for a couple of years that I can count on one hand, I had always been overweight. I’ve tried just about every diet out there and had, in fact, lost weight on them. However, I always gained the weight back and then some. In June 2011 after a course of Physical Therapy for a torn meniscus, I joined a facility for women with circuit training and an elliptical. Great! I’d use the elliptical for my knee and the other equipment as well. I went to the gym faithfully. I “watched” what I ate but had no specific food plan in place.

In February 2012, my employer offered an eight-week Biggest Loser Contest which included weekly weigh-ins and nutrition classes lead by Nick Johnson. I decided to enter the contest. Nick covered topics such as Caloric Intake, Meal Prep, Portion Control, Exercise and more. I was so impressed at that first class and could not wait to hear the next week’s topic. As the weeks went on, I began to think about personal training. Nick mentioned developing individual nutrition and exercise programs for his clients. I wondered if I could actually do it. My contract at the other gym was due to expire in a few months.

Daily I read the note posted on my refrigerator – “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today.” If I was going to make THE decision, this would be the time. I thought about it day and night for the next 2-3 months. It would be a serious commitment – mentally, physically and financially. I liked my “safe” gym with only women and easy machines; but in the nine or so months that I belonged, I had only lost 17 pounds from my all-time highest weight of 262 pounds. I was 53 years old. Aside from my weight, I considered myself to be pretty healthy – no problems with blood pressure, cholesterol or sugar. How much longer was I willing to press my luck? I made the decision to contact Nick and set up an appointment to tour ChrisFit.

I was so nervous just walking up the stairs. Immediately, Nick made me feel at ease as he showed me around and explained the equipment. I noticed there were a variety of clients working out – men and women, younger and older, slim and not so slim. Before my tour ended, I just knew this was where I needed to be. I joined for three months and signed up for eight training sessions still wondering if I would actually be able to do the workouts. Of course, there was the dreaded initial weigh-in and measurement taking. There it was on the scale – 245 pounds – my starting point with ChrisFit. Ugh! I remember doing medicine ball slams during my first training session and was surprised at how quickly I broke a sweat. Nick demonstrated each exercise and explained its benefits and continues to do so. I appreciate that.

I found each session to be challenging without feeling defeated. Somehow he knew what my abilities were and how far to push me. The other clients and trainers were so friendly and encouraging. It was a pleasant atmosphere, and everyone was working toward their own goal. Soon after that first training session, I upgraded my membership and have been training continuously with Nick twice a week since then. He continues to challenge me with new and different exercises and his sense of humor makes the training sessions more enjoyable.

I had never done a squat, flipped a tire, pushed a prowler, dead lifted any weight or done a burpee. Although I can do them now, I still have a love/hate relationship with a few of them. Nick also guides me with my nutrition. He sets my carbs, proteins, fats and caloric goals, offers tips on reaching my goals, gives advice when I have difficulty with them and adjusts my numbers as needed. I have lost 75 pounds since my initial weigh-in almost one year ago and have never felt as good as I do now. I would never have come this far if it wasn’t for Nick’s knowledge, encouragement and confidence in me as well as the unwavering support of my husband and children.

With the continued combination of training, doing cardio and homework on my own and eating properly, I know that I will reach my healthy weight and am equipped with the tools to maintain a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

Thanks, Nick. You have changed my life.



angel1A few years ago I decided that I needed a new goal. At that time I had pretty much achieved most everything that I had set out to do in my life and career. At that time, I thought I was in the best shape of my life so I decided to train for a marathon. It only took a few weeks to realize that there was no way I was going to run 26.2 miles. I despised running 5 miles and that was on a treadmill!!

At a Fire Service training conference I met a woman who was the former Firefighter Combat Challenge Canadian National Champion. We talked for a while and I thought; now THIS is what I’m talking about!!!!! The competition consists of 5 events. As crazy as the whole thing sounded, I knew it was what I wanted to do. I figured at the very least I would be in better shape for my job as a firefighter.

So, last fall I decided I had to get my act together and actually start training for it. I knew that the only person I wanted to train me was Chris. I spoke to him briefly about it; I was still in the “I’m not sure stage”. But I knew that if I decided to do it, I was going to start training the first of the year. About once a week after that Chris would approach me and ask “WELL?” So, in December I bit the bullet and decided to go for it!!!! I started training with Chris one on one in January. He also gave me an eating plan to help me lose some fat and build muscle. I was doing fine with the exercise, but the eating…not so much! It took around 2 months and I had really tightened up my eating and boy what a difference!!!!

Besides working out with Chris I was practicing on an actual course in Niagara Falls Ont. My goal wasAngel2 “Finishing!!!!” The first competition was the last week in June. Holy cow was I nervous!!!!! Chris called me that morning to give me my pep talk. I think he had more faith in me than I did!!!! Once I was on the course all the nerves disappeared. The first half went well. I was able to pace myself accordingly. I had a time of 7:43. Not too shabby for the first time!!!! I continued to train through the summer and when I competed again in September, I took almost 3 minutes off of my time – 4:59.

I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I would not have been able to complete this competition without Chris’ help. His dedication, motivation and knowledge are amazing! He never let me quit, always nudged me, especially about my eating, and had the faith in me that at times I didn’t have. He is the best!!!! Thanks Chris!!!!!



Kristen BeforeTrying to stay healthy (not just thin) has been a series of battles over the past 20 years - and losing most of the battles became routine.

Recently, after two kids and six years of really letting myself go, I decided that enough was enough and I had to do it for my family and myself. I couldn't keep up with the kids and was tired all of the time - probably from starving myself or eating tons of all the wrong foods. Once I started at the gym, I began to feel better and have more energy, but the weight wasn't coming off. I quickly became discouraged and felt like I was spinning my wheels. Then I signed up with Chris and things changed immediately.Kristen After

Literally, within the first week, I saw a physical difference in my body and a major difference on the scale. He taught me the right way to eat and exercise so that I could get to a happy and healthy me. Since starting on my journey, I have lost a total of 42 lbs and many sizes in clothing. (I am not sure what my biggest size was because I only bought size XXL). Now, I am a size 10-12 and feel fantastic…and I can actually fit into a size M! Probably the most important thing that Chris has shown me is that I can eat healthy, find time to exercise, work full time, have a wonderful family and not lose my mind! Thanks Chris - not just for how I look, but for how I feel and for the changes to my entire life.



ColleenOver the past two years I have tried several diets, types of training and was always an avid cardio goer; however none of those got me to the results I was hoping for, or the excitement to keep doing them. I had always heard such great things about Chris Fit and how it was a big family and decided that I was going to start. In April I met with Chris “Buttercup” for the first time. Within a few sessions I immediately fell in love with it, not only with the types of exercises I was doing but the atmosphere of the gym as well; everyone is always welcoming and happy to be there. During a session with Chris he had me do a back exercise that at the time I didn’t have the strength to do, so we moved on to something like it to try and strengthen my back. A month or so had gone by and we revisited the exercise that I previously couldn’t do. As soon as I realized what he was going to have me do my first response was, “I can’t do that” although, I should have known by then that the word “can’t” isn’t a word allowed to be said in the gym. To my surprise I did the exercise without any problems and it was such a little thing, but it was a perfect way to see the progress that I was making! When Chris told me the sad news about leaving the gym I was nervous to start with a new trainer after being so comfortable with him.

I had started training with Jack and within 20 minutes of my first session he said, “Buttercup didn’t warn you about me did he?” Needless to say, my first session went well. One day Jack had asked me what my goals were and it made me ask myself the same question because I had never really thought about it much before. The idea of a bikini competition had crossed my mind a few times and I decided to bring it up to Jack a little later on. Immediately he was on board and before I knew it I had agreed to start training for it. On July 29th we started the prep which entailed changing my workouts and diet and I quickly learned that this would be both a mental and physical challenge but one I was ready to face! Each session Jack pushes me harder and harder and even when I think I can’t do something he manages to prove me wrong… every single time. I could never do this without his knowledge and guidance every step up of the way. I am so happy with the progress and gains I have made in such a short amount of time and can’t wait to see all the progress and gains I will continue to make from now until show time! I look forward to going to the gym everyday and seeing what each session has in store for me! After two years I have finally found the place that helps me achieve the results I’ve always wanted and the motivation and excitement to keep doing them.


Sue L.

Sue LLast December, I’m embarrassed to say, I weighed in at 180 lbs, down 17 lbs. from my all-time high of 197 lbs. I was also taking Lipitor for high cholesterol. This December, I weigh 142 lbs. and I am no longer taking Lipitor. My percentage of body fat has decreased from the obese range to a healthy range. I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 8. It took me from January of this year to May to reach my goal.

Although I had been working with Chris and had seen improvement, I realized that I was at a plateau until I took responsibility for my part in this weight loss process. He had already given me the tools and opportunitiesSue l 2 to be successful but until I committed to following his nutritional plan I was sabotaging the work I was doing in the gym. After I committed to following the diet plan, things started to progress. Throughout, Chris kept close tabs on my diet and made adjustments based on my progress.

Chris also laid out what my cardio workouts should be. This also meant an introduction into the world of “interval training.” I knew each week that I would hear the same question “Did you do your intervals?”

I have also been weight training with Chris. During these sessions, he challenges me to do more than I thought I could or would have done on my own. I’m sure I wouldn’t have achieved the same results without these workouts. And then there’s kettlebell class which usually leaves me “sucking serious wind” but also seeing results.

"I appreciate Chris having patience and not giving up on me until I was able to get my act together and meet my goals."

Sue L.


My husband and I have been together since we were young in the mid 90's. Even though we didn't marry until 2003, we talked of having a family together for as long as I can remember. We grew up in the same neighborhood, and had the same fundamental ideals on what a stable home is, and how children should be raised. We wasted no time in setting up our home following our wedding in 2003. Just 13 months after our wedding, we moved into our very own brand-new house, complete with two bedrooms for the children and space to build five more. The same year, my husband was promoted at work, and I was half-way through Law School and the time was definitely right to fill our house with little ones. In preparation, I went off the birth control pill and had my doctor refer me for a fertility work-up before we even tried to conceive. The news was grim to say the least, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and was told it was highly unlikely I would be able to conceive without medical help. I took the news in stride, and decided to take the doctor's advice. To make a long story short, I spent $30,000 of my health insurer's money on fertility drugs and sonograms for five menstrual cycles trying to get pregnant, all of which failed. The doctor basically told me to come back with $14,000 for an in-vitro fertilization cycle and to lose about 60 pounds to ensure the best possible result. Lacking the motivation to lose 60 pounds, not to mention lacking $14,000~ my husband and I looked at several alternatives, including adoption and foster care. We quit fertility care and trying to conceive in 2005. I became mildly depressed but remained optimistic.

We were surprised with a natural pregnancy in the spring of 2006, which ended at 10 weeks gestation, the day before a dear friend passed away. I took the miscarriage hard. I contracted pneumonia soon after, and went into full depression. I began self-medicating with alcohol and food and questioning which direction my life was headed. It was all a very sad and confusing time for me, one I hope to never re-visit. In a few month's time, I had gained enough weight to make myself unrecognizable to old friends, and I felt the only thing I had to look forward to was the next good party. The good relationship I had for years with my husband began to feel unstable for the first time ever, mostly due to the wild mood swings I had developed during the process. March 2007 brought another miscarriage from another natural pregnancy. This time I didn't feel like lying in bed and eating.. I was a 227 pound woman who didn't want to live feeling trapped anymore. I felt trapped in my own large body, my unhealthy lifestyle and my infertile status. I was pre-diabetic and pre-hypertensive and I was so fat my ankles hurt when I ran at 28 years old. Despite having D&C surgery to remove the fetus on March 7, on March 9 I went ice-skating by myself to begin the process of getting well. I shed 10 pounds on my own in one month out of sheer will to be better. Despite my progress, old habits slowly began to get the best of me. I had relied on food and alcohol to deal with stress for quite some time, and again found myself drinking two quarts of wine to stave off feelings I didn't want to feel. I was in a particularly weak and vulnerable state when I went to Chris for help. To tell you the truth, I didn't believe he could help me. I knew I needed the motivation to do for myself and I just didn't have it. But I knew I wanted to continue on my journey to wellness, and hiring him was at least worth a shot. Around the time I hired Chris, I also started a new job. All of the positive changes I was making made me feel I was heading in the right direction- making a life for myself, rather than obsessing over my lack of a family of my own. Chris was a very good trainer from the beginning. He not only designed my workouts, he paid close attention to what I was eating and had a knack for asking me to improve my diet without sounding condescending. He would sometimes call or email out of the blue to see how I was eating or being active that day. It was nice to have that extra push- that you have someone else on your side who wants to see you do well. I continued to work with Chris 2 or 3 times a week, and in five months I lost close to 50 lbs. I loved the sessions we had together, as they were becoming increasingly difficult! I was shopping for new clothes every few weeks as I kept dropping sizes. I also no longer had to shop in the "fat lady" stores, I could shop anywhere, and try on almost anything!! Eating well had become a mainstay, most of my meals were clean, but if I wanted pizza, I had pizza, Exercise was very much a part of my life. I also rarely drank alcohol anymore and went to bed at a normal hour every night. And then there was that fateful day. I was walking through a hallway by myself at work, and it suddenly hit me "I feel pregnant…". Having been pregnant twice before {and losing them} I was keenly aware of the small changes that happen to me during early pregnancy. I was actually 99% sure that's what it was even though I hadn't even thought about TRYING since the last miscarriage. I thought I needed to $14,000 and more weight loss for that to be possible. I was now making a life for myself and my husband- I got a full-time job, a tiny car and had booked three vacations!! But I went home and tested and BAM the test was positive.

I not only got pregnant, but I had a very happy and healthy pregnancy. I continued to work with Chris until I was 34 weeks pregnant. With his help, I kept my gains healthy and my body strong. I avoided complications like Pre-Eclampsia and Gestational Diabetes. I also went into delivery with a sense of confidence I wouldn't have had without the personal training experience. I also saved the $14,000 I was told I needed to have a family.

Sandra Chris' lessons are lasting ones. Though I don't see him often anymore, I am slowly losing my pregnancy weight because eating well has been something I internalized rather than memorized. I try to be active because it makes me feel good, and I rarely drink alcohol and have quit cigarettes after 16 years of smoking! I have confidence his lessons will be lasting with me, and were worth every penny. My new, healthy son is everything to me, and I give Chris credit for his help in making my body healthy enough to carry this child. My husband and I now have the happy home we've always dreamed of! Personal training with Chris was one of the best investments I have ever made!



Duane - October 2010 - 280lbs.
Duane - October 2010 - 280lbs.

On August 2, 2012 I walked out of my family physician’s office scared to death. My A1C level had reached an unbelievable level of 13.5. For those of you who have been blessed NOT to have diabetes and don’t know what A1C means, doctors recommend that diabetic or not, your A1C level should be between 6 and 7. Not only was my A1C levels double the acceptable level, my vision was blurry, and my life awake and asleep revolved around the need to urinate virtually every hour. Something had to change and fast, but I didn’t know where to start, and that’s when my friend Sandy insisted I finally meet the folks at Chrisfit and begin changing my life.

I met my trainer Jack on August 19th for my “free” training session.

Duane - 2012 - 255lbs
Duane - 2012 - 255lbs

If you asked me that day if it was free, I’d tell you I nearly paid with my life…but I came back, and on August 29th, I officially embarked on my lifestyle change. Now there were times in my life (dark times) when my weight neared 300 lbs., but on that day in August, my weight was “down” to just slightly over 250 lbs. In addition to my weekly training sessions with Jack, I also, at the urging, or was it constant nagging, of my dear friend Sandra, I also began participating in Steve’s torturous Kettle Bell Hell classes. However, my transformation was not entirely based on workouts. I also had a healthy diet dictated to me by Jack that helped me control not only my portions, but also taught me the proper and most nutritious foods to eat that would help me lose weight and build muscle.

Duane - February 2013 - 200lbs
Duane - February 2013 - 200lbs

Just five months later, with the help of the entire Chrisfit staff, who seem much more like family members than staff members at a gym, I’ve been able to lose 50+ lbs., 25 total inches off my body measurements, and basically have a new lease on life. In addition to the weight loss and inches lost, I have also lost a couple of other pretty amazing things: My insulin and blood pressure medicine. This has all been accomplished without and fad diet pills, shaking special sprinkles on my food, crazy liquid diets, or starving myself. I eat, I enjoy life, and I workout 5 – 6 days a week and I couldn’t be happier. Chrisfit has truly changed me and how I look at life, food and exercise, it’s given me my life back. Thanks so much to Jack, Chris, Steve, Sandy, and all the staff and members for their support, encouragement, and praise. I couldn’t have done it without Chrisfit, and I encourage anyone who’s considering a lifestyle change to improve their health to call Chrisfit today and meet with Chris Tybor or one of his expert staff members to learn how you can change your life too.



Karen 1I have been training with Chris for 3 months. He listens to your concerns and designs a program of diet and exercise that helps you achieve your goals. He is truly happy for you when you achieve those goals. Chris has a great personality and is always happy to answer any questions and guide you through the program every step of the way. His kettle bell class is an hour of total body exercise and I look forward to it every week. It is very energizing and reallyKaren 2 produces results. His confidence in me has given me confidence in myself. Training with Chris has helped me get much faster and noticeable results than I could have ever imagined. He has taught me a lot about nutrition, and a few new tricks at the gym that I am grateful for and will use for the rest of my life! Thanks Chris!

So far, with Chris' guidance, confidence and knowledge, I have shed 30 pounds and I have lost almost three full sizes in clothing. His guidance and advice have been invaluable, and I give him my highest recommendation.



Walking into ChrisFit and meeting Chris Tybor for the first time was a life changing moment for me!  I had been hearing and seeing my daughter Jenn’s excitement over her workouts, eating healthy and losing weight and inches.  I had tried many of the “fad diets”, starvation, and diet pills; sure I might have lost some weight, just to gain it all back and then some, and I can assure you that there is no such thing as a “gym in a bottle”.  I was active with running and cardio at another gym but I was literally spinning my wheels and getting nowhere, frustration set in, just reinforcing my mindset that I’d always be overweight with bad eating habits.  I finally admitted to myself that I needed help and couldn’t do this with what I thought was the right approach, lots of cardio.  With Jenn’s encouragement I gave Chris a call and set the appointment to meet with him which started the amazing journey I have been on since March of 2011.


The day of my first meeting with Chris arrived.  Now, even knowing a tiny bit of what to expect from Jenn I was still apprehensive, the meeting went fine and I set up my training sessions.  I was told that I would have my initial weigh-in and measurements taken on my first training day; that’s when my anxiety level went through the roof, the scale was my enemy and I had never been measured.  The thought of hard workouts was nothing compared to the scale and the measuring tape and the fact that I was such a private person; no one knew how much I weighed not even my husband.  I thought to myself, “how can I avoid this one”, you can’t, that’s how they track your progress and HELP You.  I know it sounds crazy but that’s what I feared the most.  Well my fears were quickly alleviated when Chris took my measurements. There is no judgment or condemnation, Chris made me feel very comfortable and welcome and thoughtfully explained the importance of these measurements to the whole program.

The program was set up and tailored for Me, not some off the shelf “one fits all” remedy.  Chris put time and thought into what I needed and encouraged me to trust him and follow the program.  It is based on proper diet, not “a diet”, and proper weight and cardio training.  He set the number of proteins, carbs and fats needed, and expected me to “hit” my numbers and maintain a food log every day.  Not eating the right balance and amount of food can be as detrimental to your progress as eating too much.  I have learned how important it is to listen to Chris and get that right balance.  I had never lifted weights or done pushups or any of the other hundred exercises Chris had me doing.  I had always thought that weight lifting was just for body builders and bulking up and that wasn’t what I wanted.  Chris assured me that that wasn’t the case and weights, along with cardio, were an integral part of weight loss and good health.  It wasn’t easy but Chris is so understanding and helpful that I stuck to it with amazing results.  I am at the gym six days a week, some might say it’s an obsession but to me it is dedication to myself and a lifestyle change.  It has made me happier and healthier, and I have a new found confidence.

The biggest part of my success at Chrisfit has been and continues to be the steadfast support and guidance of Chris. The mutual support and encouragement of the other members and trainers is also a key ingredient.  There are so many success stories at Chrisfit, and many of them have inspired me.  It is such an encouraging and friendly environment, it is like one big family.  I have made many new and lasting friendships there and actually look forward to going each day.  Thank you to my husband and family for their unwavering love, support and encouragement, which I appreciate more than words can express.



"It Has Changed My Life"

MarkJoining the ChrisFit family has changed my life. For three years I had passively watched my wife enjoy the benefits of precise weight training, clean nutritional practices, with a non-judgmental, fun group of friends and a sincere desire for me to join her in a healthier and happier lifestyle.

I excused myself from this journey by having no time, too much stress, obligations with others, the perception that I could do this on my own and a belief that when things finally slowed down I would do something about my personal health and wellness. After self-starting some summer walking and a self-imposed calorie counting with minimal success, I decided to “give in” to my wife’s gentle yet persistent push and sneak into ChrisFit on a Sunday morning when no one really would be there and try a rower for thirty minutes.

As I anxiously climbed those sixteen steps I figured I could get this over with and get out with at least ten reasons why I could not return. It didn’t matter that I had not had a doctor’s visit in over five years even though I was approaching fifty or that my blood pressure and cholesterol required medication that I swore I would never take. I could comfort stress with food, take care of the needs of everyone, and complain that I was far too tired to do anything but dent the corner of the couch and relax with work on my lap.

Incredibly, those sixteen steps, a rower, and the personal touch of skilled professionals actually become a seminal moment that “changed my life” in a way I never believed possible.

Those sixteen steps were seventy-two pounds, twelve waist size inches, more than twenty percent body fat, and a much less healthy and happy eight months ago.

Since joining ChrisFit my entire life has changed. Instead of planning when I was going to eat the big stress relieving meal of the day, I plan three balanced meals, high in protein, cognizant of the effects food has on my life. ChrisFit has changed the “what” I eat and the way I look at food. This is possible because it became very clear to me that as hard as I exercised, I could never out train a bad nutritional plan.

After forty-eight years, I lifted my first weight at ChrisFit. Working with a trainer, I can now deadlift over 300 pounds, squat over 200 pounds, and press over 100 pounds. I have never been injured, never want to miss a day, and can’t wait for my next challenge. These results have “changed my life” and would have only occurred with the journey up those sixteen steps to ChrisFit.

I have made great new, fun, non-judgmental friends who never care what you do, where you work, or how you arrived. They only encourage, care, and celebrate the hours of hard work you share together.

My doctor, who I had to reintroduce myself to, called my physical results, including blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and flexibility, “AWESOME!” My physical and mental health have never been associated with awesome until I joined ChrisFit.

ChrisFit changes lives because of the client centered, nutritional, fanatically cleaned, well organized, cutting edge training practices expected by the leader, Chris Tybor. A good leader also surrounds their organization with skilled, highly competent partners. Steve Decker is an incredibly motivating, knowledgeable, encouraging nutritional and physical technician. Since I have begun working with Steve, he has personalized a plan that maximizes my results, motivates my mind, and safely has taught me to do thing I never though were possible. At ChrisFit everyday, every time is a personal training time.

The family that works at and trains with ChrisFit have changed my life. The facilities are continuously being upgraded, new equipment is added seemingly weekly, and the family continues to grow. ChrisFit has changed my life. I am grateful, thankful, and can’t wait to get there tomorrow


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